Denver Mayor: Cannabis Stores Can Remain Open

The city of Denver, Colorado is upping the ante on its recommendation that residents stay at home to help reduce the spread of coronavirus. At 5 p.m. (MST) Tuesday, March 23, Denver will elevate the city’s policy on social distancing to an executive order, effective through April 10 at the earliest. 

The order will impact people’s everyday activities as well as commerce, but it won’t completely hinder residents’ ability to shop for cannabis. That’s because Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock says retail cannabis shops are exempt from the closures impacting many other businesses. 

Marijuana stores, along with liquor stores, banks, gas stations, construction operations and businesses that supply products that allow people to work and go to school from their residence will remain open while the stay at home order is in effect. 

Marijuana Shops With “Extreme Physical Distancing” Now Exempt From Denver’s COVID-19 Closures

Denver, Colorado isn’t shuttering its cannabis businesses during the COVID-19 emergency. But precautions aimed at helping prevent the spread of coronavirus will impact purchasing and how shops interact with customers.

In order to remain exempt from the COVID-19 closures, marijuana shops must ensure that they can maintain a system of “extreme physical distancing” between customers

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