Does Missouri Accept Out-of-state Medical Marijuana Cards?

Does Missouri Accept Out-of-state Medical Marijuana Cards?

  • Does Missouri accept out of state medical marijuana cards? 

  • Can Missouri residents with medical marijuana cards use them to purchase cannabis products at medical marijuana dispensaries in other states?

  • Missouri marijuana laws as they pertain to reciprocity. 

You’re a Missouri medical marijuana patient with plans to travel to another state. And it just so happens that this other state also legalized medical marijuana. Can you buy your meds at dispensaries in other states with medical marijuana programs? 

Or maybe you come from one of those other states with medical marijuana? And you’re wondering if you can use your state’s medical marijuana card to purchase marijuana at a Missouri dispensary. Can you?

Yes. This is a thing. 

What is Medical Marijuana Reciprocity?

Some states do indeed permit medical marijuana patients from other states to shop at their dispensaries. 

The feature of the Missouri medical marijuana law that welcomes out-of-state cardholders is known as reciprocity. And in many cases, the feature is reciprocated

The states are basically saying, “We’ll let your medical marijuana patients purchase cannabis products in our state if you allow our medical marijuana patients to buy marijuana at your dispensaries.”

Using An Out-of-State Medical Marijuana Card To Purchase Marijuana In Missouri

Reciprocity was added to Missouri’s medical marijuana program as an amendment to the original legislation. 

If you open up Amendment 2 and go to page 10, Subsection 5(1), you’ll see these words:

“Production of the respective equivalent identification card or authorization issued by another state or political subdivision of another state shall also meet the requirements of this subdivision.” (Emphasis added).

Legal speak is meant to make the matter perfectly clear. But most of the time, as in this case, it ends up being more confusing. So let’s unpack that. 

The word “production” in this case means producing (showing) the card upon request. 

The “respective equivalent card or authorization issued by another state or political subdivision of another state,” is referring to the medical marijuana card from another state that’s being produced. 

“Shall also meet the requirements of this subdivision,” meaning, basically, if the person can produce a medical marijuana card from another state then they’re good to go. 

So, yeah, you can shop at Missouri dispensaries if you’re a legitimate card-carrying medical marijuana patient from out-of-state. 

Furthermore, it means that if one gets pulled over, assuming one can produce the said medical marijuana card and one has an amount of marijuana in their possession that’s under the legal limit, one won’t get busted. 

The legal limit for medical marijuana cardholders in Missouri is 4 ounces of dried plant material or its equivalent. And, assuming you are purchasing your medicine at a dispensary — as you should be — then you’ll be permitted to purchase that amount every 30 days.

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Buying Medical Marijuana In Other States With a Missouri Medical Marijuana Card

Not all U.S. states with medical marijuana programs offer reciprocity. Sadly, the vast majority do not. 

Keep in mind the rules are different in every state. Some require patients to register with the state and pay a fee. Others are much more freewheeling. And some require additional I.D. 

There are a lot of details and we can’t fit them all into this article. We highly recommend that patients call ahead to a dispensary in the area for information on their reciprocity rules and legal possession limits. 

States that accept Missouri medical marijuana cards

Again, every state’s rules are different, but these are the states that offer reciprocity in one form or another.

States That Do Not Require a Medical Marijuana Card

Several states will let anyone age 21 or older purchase a limited amount of marijuana at a local dispensary. In some of these states, dispensaries are not yet open for business. 

Medical Marijuana Reciprocity in Florida | FLD

Final Thoughts

Yes, medical marijuana cardholders from other states can buy their medicine at a Missouri dispensary. And there are many states where Missouri’s medical marijuana patients can stay supplied. 

However, there are some important points to keep in mind from this article:

The first point is that it’s critical to know the laws in the state in which the patient is shopping for marijuana. Every state’s marijuana and reciprocity laws are different. Patients should call ahead to a dispensary in the area they are planning to visit.

Another important point is that it is still illegal to transport marijuana from one state to another. Know the laws in any state you plan on driving through and if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

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