Eight Year Old Wins Cannabis Raffle Prize At British Columbia Sporting Event

Here’s a situation that should not have happened. This weekend in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, an eight year old won a basket of $200 worth of cannabis products at his … youth hockey tournament?

“My grandson thought he won a great prize,” said Keith Redl, the boy’s grandfather. “‘Dad, I won chocolate!’ ‘No, son, there’s bad drugs in the chocolate.’ How do you explain that to a kid?”


(We recommend throwing out the “bad drugs” tactic and following these more reasonable pointers on how to talk to your kids about cannabis instead.)

The kid’s father had given him $10 worth of raffle tickets at the event — where seven and eight year olds were competing — and the boy put them towards a basket he thought contained kid-friendly chocolate treats. 

“There is no place for drugs at a child’s hockey tournament,” Redl continued. “Each team is usually responsible for putting a gift basket or prize package together with a minimum value of $50,” Redl said. “And then what they do is they have a big setup and they have a paper bag taped in front of each one of these prizes.”

Dawson Creek Minor Hockey published a statement that

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