First medical marijuana dispensary in Springfield to open on election day

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Medical marijuana, regulated by Missouri, has been on sale to the public for the last two weeks.

The first dispensary in Springfield is set to open next week.

“Cannabis is for everyone,” says Old Route 66 Wellness owner, John Lopez.

He and his team have worked for months to open the medical marijuana dispensary.

Lopez gave us a tour of the shop.

“As people come in they will take a number and then take a seat,” he said.

Not only for security but pandemic reasons, people are only allowed inside the dispensary room in small groups.

Lopez said, “The patient will come in. They will be greeted by a ‘bud-tender’. They will be able to talk about which strains help with their particular ailments.

The dispensary offers a drive through service similar to a pharmacy or bank. Lopez says this system could be the first of it’s kind in the country.

“It’s a completely virus free type of pick up. Unlike other drive-thrus, the window doesn’t open. The only exposure they have is us dropping the project into the tray,” he explained.

The facility on south Glenstone has lots of….

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