High Country: ‘Cannabis is Food. Food is Medicine.’

Kitchen Toke founder Joline Rivera shares her mantra, plus a pantry-ready recipe for quarantine.

Well, here we are…

As I write this on Monday, March 16, no one knows what will unfold next in the three days before this issue of the Aspen Times Weekly hits newsstands. One thing I do know for sure, though? Cannabis can help us through such a monumental shift in our lives—whether it’s as a vice to escape the reality of it all, a way to calm anxiety and stress, or even as an immunity booster. And in the coming weeks, High Country will continue to highlight ways how to incorporate cannabis into your “new normal” routines.

Experimenting in the kitchen is also a perfect way to pass the now seemingly endless amount of time we have on our hands, which is why we’re welcoming Kitchen Toke magazine — the first internationally distributed food journal dedicated to cooking with cannabis for health and wellness — back to our pages this week. But before we get to the seasonal recipe from its just-released spring issue (using canned chickpeas from the pantry and a bottle of CBD oil on-hand, for the win), I tapped founder and cannabis

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