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Denver dispensary shoppers got lucky over the weekend when Green Dot Labs surprised us with a release of Thunderdome, one of the best strains Colorado has to offer. Covered in gasoline and fermented garlic, a whiff of Thunderdome offers a “gauntlet of terps,” as we reported in the 2023 Best of Denver, and the latest drop only builds on that.

The rare Loompas Headband and the not-so-rare Rotten Rozay were also standouts during recent smoke sessions and store visits. And we couldn’t help but applaud the lower prices of rosin edibles.

Here are five things to keep an eye on while you’re out shopping at Denver dispensaries.

Thunderdome returns
I didn’t know that the Best New Colorado Strain was making a comeback, but were excited to see it. This flower release, the second-go-round of Thunderdome, is somehow stankier and stickier than the last, with even more catastrophic gas than I’d expected. Every experience I’ve had with Thunderdome is full of garlic, octane and a subtle sweetness on the back end, and is just as impressive as the last, which is hard to pull off in the cannabis world. People were lining up on South Broadway to get jars of this terp

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