How to Hide Being High When You’re Totally Fried

We’ve all been there – desperate to look grounded when you’re completely fried.  Everyone tries to hide being high at some point. Something that sounds easy on the surface, but can actually be pretty daunting when the time comes.

Quite often, attempts to hide being high backfire spectacularly. This is because the more you try to emphasize the fact that you’re totally sober, the more obvious it becomes that you aren’t. How difficult it is to hide being high is influenced by various factors, including how high you are and how desperate you are to appear otherwise.

On the plus side, there are effective ways and means to hide being high, irrespective of how high you are. Advance planning will help, but there’s plenty you can do at the last minute if time really isn’t on your side.

So, next time you need to lie about what you’ve been up to for the past few hours, here’s how to hide being high when you’re completely fried:

1.  Wear sunglasses

Admittedly, there are only certain times and places you can get away with this.  If you attempt to hide being high by wearing sunglasses where it’s not appropriate to do

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