Greenlight Dispensary Missouri

Greenlight Dispensary in Independence

16820 E US Highway 24
Independence, MO 64056

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 10am – 8pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & Debit Only

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A Greenlight Dispensary located at 16820 E US Highway 24 in Independence is now open to help MO marijuana card holders get access and shop for medical marijuana products.

Greenlight menu products will be available for MMJ Patients near Independence diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Greenlight Independence - North Menu

Any interactions with the live menu below, such as, but not limited to, product searches or order placing, take place directly with the menu provider. has no access to any personal data or transactional information when you are interacting with the menu.

What People Are Saying

Patty Patton
Patty P.
03:20 04 Jan 22
Love this dispensary. Friendly bud tender and front desk too! Helpful and good discounts too.
Andrea Preator
Andrea P.
18:28 24 Dec 21
The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. Helped me choose what was best for my needs... chronic pain and anxietyUPDATE: better service than before, even though they were swampedread more
MeeMee Heart
MeeMee H.
05:08 22 Dec 21
Love it here. It is out of the way but worth it. They remember me too. So very friendly ppl.
Tim Kienzle
Tim K.
17:51 10 Dec 21
The staff here is very friendly and very helpful they attended to my every need sought the best deals to give to me and worked with me on all pricing. Thank you for the kind customer service. And thank you for the excellent prices you can't buy things cheaper than more
Jenni Riley
Jenni R.
00:47 07 Nov 21
I love their rewards system, I've been to different locations and every location has the friendliest bud tenders as well as managers. I can't say enough good things about this chain. The product is always fantastic. I just love them!read more
Deanna Karoos
Deanna K.
03:39 02 Nov 21
Always an excellent experience with the friendly Bud Tenders who hold a wealth of knowledge and are always eager and ready to help. Keep doing what you're doing 😎👍💕 you're appreciated!read more
Don Underhill
Don U.
01:20 27 Oct 21
This is my go to place! I've been coming since they opened and they definitely appreciate their customers. They take great care of their customers and always have a decent selection of products. Something new is always coming more
Cato Sims
Cato S.
18:40 19 Oct 21
Always a good time here! Great staff, friendly, knowledgeable and fast. Plus great benefits for returning customers! Thanksread more
Les Kelsay
Les K.
18:52 17 Sep 21
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Prices still seem a little high. Maybe since it's relatively new in our area? Great dispensary!read more
Penny Keeton
Penny K.
12:46 31 Aug 21
Wow, this place is awesome. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They have a great selection with prices to match. Looking forward to being a frequent customer and so happy to have this store close to home!read more
Taylor Walker
Taylor W.
12:22 06 Aug 21
Liz, was a great bud tender for my first trip, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted but I did in a sense. She was absolutely amazing. Very informative with everything and good selection of productsread more
estella ybarra
estella Y.
20:28 02 Aug 21
I’ve been to this dispensary 2x so far and I am amazed and PLEASED at the service I receive every time! Jordan assisted me and helped with every question with ease and a smile! I was super anxious and had a lot of questions! I was never rushed but actually understood and very well taken care of! I will definitely continue to go here! I love the great staff! Katrina is amazing and very very informative! Any question? She’s got the answer! By far the best dispensary in town! I can’t say enough good things!read more
David Hanks
David H.
17:00 17 Jul 21
It was my first experience at Green light dispensary and although I didn't get the woman's name that helped me she was very knowledgeable and very respectful. She gave a very relaxed vibe to the place and I felt as if I was at home. I would really recommend checking this place out. I am really impressed from the layout to the knowledgeable staff to the variety of product everything was just completely amazing. Thank you for this experienceread more
Jennifer Essig
Jennifer E.
19:40 03 Jul 21
The best I've visited so far. My tender was a doll, Very knowledgeable, friendly. The price is close to others in the area, but did have some good deals. Very pleased with what I got. Worth the hour plus drive I more
Dominick Taylor
Dominick T.
20:48 26 Jun 21
I had never been to a dispensary before in my life. I was anxious and had issues trying to get up the energy to go. (Hence the medical) They allow one or two additional people with a normal drivers license to accompany the client which was really great for my first time experience. The person in the front is friendly and happy to answer questions and was clear of how the process works. There's an armed guard for protection which made me feel very safe. The people who handle the products are very nice and do not push you on anything you're not clear and comfortable on. They answered all my questions and explained products well. They have a drive through, which blew my mind because I had never even thought of that as an option and the process is simple and easy. I would recommend this location to anyone in a more
Sheila Baldock
Sheila B.
12:25 21 Jun 21
I love this dispensary. Great staff. No attitude. Friendly and informative. I do not recommend that you use them for your license though. That Dr is wack. Her classes are not normal and she is so high in the class you can’t understand her at times and when she shows stuff on the video, you can’t see it. Not clear. She is way out there. I will not use her again nor will I visit her place. Dispensary is great, that dr. is just the worst! If I was a first time applicant, I would have just wasted my money. If you are someone really interested in learning about marijuana, do not use this doctor. She is nuts and way too high in the class. I would be embarrassed and ashamed to represent her. It’s a good thing you are not required to go to only her. I will be back to the dispensary but will not recommend this doctor for more
Leann Venable
Leann V.
15:32 20 Jun 21
The staff and everyone here are the best.Everyone is so nice. You are greeted when you walk in and acknowledge when you walk out. Lots of Ginger heads and that's cool to me!read more
William Kennedy
William K.
01:56 09 May 21
I really enjoyed going to this facility. The staff is always knowledgeable and courteous. Always a nice time to go there and have a good conversation get what you need. Very helpful at more
Kristy Morgason
Kristy M.
01:59 02 May 21
Best dispensary by far!!! They have amazing customer service. . Super knowledgeable bud tenders!!! They value their customers feed back on the products. Speaking of product, it’s the best in town. TOP QUALITY all the way around. If you haven’t been you are definitely missing out. 😬😎. more
Katie McMullin
Katie M.
04:11 30 Mar 21
These guys are awesome to me on each and every visit, been going since they opened. Not only are they helpful but knowledgeable as well. The drive through is super convenient and easy. But the lovely gal at reception treats me like her best friend each time I come inside, so I’d definitely make time to go in if you more
Marla Maxwell
Marla M.
19:09 27 Mar 21
First time I used my card at a dispensary and it was a pleasant experience 🙂 I was able to talk with a bud tender for my specific needs. He was very helpful and knew all the products on hand. It was like being in an echo chamber though so make sure you speak up especially with a mask on and music more
Marla Maxwell
Marla M.
20:33 20 Mar 21
First time I used my card at a dispensary and it was a pleasant experience 🙂 I was able to talk with a bud tender for my specific needs. He was very helpful and knew all the products on hand. It was like being in an echo chamber though so make sure you speak up especially with a mask on and music more
Kimberly Kimball
Kimberly K.
20:48 17 Mar 21
These guys were super nice. They were very thorough in explaining their product and knowledgeable about what would be best for for me. There are other dispensaries closer bit this is where I'll be going from now more
Shawn Shelton
Shawn S.
05:43 16 Mar 21
I initially gave this place a one-star review because of its prices until I learned that prices are pretty much the same everywhere. This place rocks! Shout out to Paul and Kat who are really giving me a better understanding of the medication that I take and how it works with my body. This place is top notch! By the way, their prices are a lot lower on some of their items than other more
Sharon Montavon
Sharon M.
07:45 11 Mar 21
Great customer service. Very convenient drive thru service available. Missouri prices are high however Greenlight is the best more
Cameryn Lamare
Cameryn L.
00:51 07 Mar 21
A very nice little dispensary that is still in it's early stages. Bud and edibles are available and they are getting ready to add concentrates - their location in Arkansas looks like it has great selection. Friendly staff and decent prices -not comparable to Denver or Vegas, but great for the area. They have a screen that shows their grow with all of their in house strains and edibles - super cute! I got Superglue, which looks, smells, and feels more
Jennifer Plummer
Jennifer P.
01:56 03 Mar 21
I did my first order online, they sent me a text saying if paying with cash I could go through the drive thru! It was super easy and convenient. It was my first time purchasing there and they gave me a great discount! The guy was friendly that helped us! I will be back, next time I will visit inside!read more
Lashawnda Parksel
Lashawnda P.
21:04 27 Feb 21
Had a great first dispensary experience at Green Light. Everyone was very helpful and friendly and the prices were very reasonable. Will definitely be more
Donna Cline
Donna C.
23:14 23 Feb 21
Early on I posted that my experience at Greenlight was not good! Well was I ever wrong! I was never going back. I've been back three times. They have bent over backwards and they have succeeded. I have a lot of ignorance about cannabis. But let me tell you it is all good. They have educated me and they have been on point ever since 120%.I truly recommend them to anybody and everybodyread more
Randy Litvak
Randy L.
02:41 22 Feb 21
I called and spoke with Sara and told her that I had never been into a dispensary. She was wonderful, both on the phone and when I arrived, she made sure to take care of my bud needs.Awesome Staff!read more
Michael A
Michael A
17:16 20 Feb 21
The staff at Greenlight North were incredibly knowledgeable and supportive with helping me find exactly what I wanted. I loved how the “ bud tenders “ go into great details in explaining each product for those who are not as experienced. Will be back anytime I am in the more
Seth May-Patterson
Seth M.
20:27 17 Feb 21
I had no idea what I wanted when I first saw their menu but the budtenders there were super helpful in helping me decide. Prices were way lower than other places I've been to and they grow their own flower! Very unique business compared to other dispensaries. Highly recommend!read more
Carter Cole
Carter C.
18:58 17 Feb 21
Super Helpful Staff!Budtenders and reception are all extremely helpful, informative and friendly. They really made me feel welcome! Prices are still a little high for the state, however, Greenlight boasts the best pricing in the local area! Way better than 3rd Street or ReLeaf in my opinion!read more
chicken fried
chicken F.
01:35 17 Feb 21
😁👉"This place is AWESOME!!!"Quality flower at some of the 💥BEST PRICES💥in KC... (GREENLIGHTS)flower is far better than(illicits) and just as (CONSISTENT) as C4's this is important if your using to treat a medical condition not just getting STONED!!!... Give this place a try!!!...I'm glad I did!!! more
juan boquin
juan B.
19:36 16 Feb 21
Amazing staff and great prices. Very welcoming and eager to help. All product were in stock and the staff was very knowledgably about the products. Staff took an interest in my health and finding me the strain that would work best for me instead of trying to sell me higher prices more
chicken fried
chicken F.
23:05 15 Feb 21
😁👉"This place is AWESOME!!!"Quality flower at some of the 💥BEST PRICES💥in KC... (GREENLIGHTS)flower is far better than(illicits) and just as (CONSISTENT) as C4's... Give this place a try!!!...I'm glad I did!!! more
W Propst
W P.
22:39 14 Feb 21
Better prices then both Lees Summit stores. Still super high compared to other states. This place will go further in the long more
Paul B
Paul B
18:51 13 Feb 21
The staff was so friendly and kind during my visit. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable and they truly made me feel welcome. This is definitely the dispensary I'll be using from now more
Donna Cline
Donna C.
16:25 13 Feb 21
I am very disappointed. I ordered super glue. Got some gummies and none of it did not one thing $120 later
Joe Dolan
Joe D.
19:04 27 Nov 20
Heard this is the best place to fine the right bud to fit your needs and it looks to be fair prices cant wait for them to openread more
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