Jane Dispensary

Jane Dispensary in University City

6662 Delmar Blvd - Ste A
University City, MO 63130

Hours of Operation:

11am – 7pm Daily

Payment Methods:

Cash & Debit Only

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A University City Jane Dispensary located at 6662 Delmar Blvd is open to help Missouri marijuana card holders get access and shop for medical marijuana products.

Jane Dispensary menu products in University City are available for MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Jane Dispensary - University City Menu

Any interactions with the live menu below, such as, but not limited to, product searches or order placing, take place directly with the menu provider. MODispensaries.com has no access to any personal data or transactional information when you are interacting with the menu.

What People Are Saying

Lolo W
Lolo W
21:55 10 Jan 22
Nice selection, friendly and helpful staff - thank you Trace. Ellen I believe was at the front desk and was also great. Easy and quick registration. Good rewards program and special gift. I will return.read more
Stephanie Clemens
Stephanie C.
22:34 31 Dec 21
Abi was very friendly and helpful as came in for my first visit! She walked me through the array of options, and explained how everything works. I felt like a VIP!Alexandria was awesome. Friendly and helpful with all of my questions.read more
Sharp T Borrine
Sharp T B.
20:06 12 Dec 21
Count on delivery with care and kindness.You can also expect 100% accuracy, temperature-controlled handling of your order, and genuine concern for your time and comfort. Prices are generally competitive with other local dispensaries. Enjoy 🙂read more
Claire Blythe
Claire B.
02:16 07 Nov 21
Customer service was great and the prices seemed very reasonable. The flower I bought was a great quality too! Alexandria was a real treat, super funny! Gave me a perfect suggestion. The gentleman at the front desk was also very informative which made the (very short) wait to get back to the show room, even faster. Location is also very sleek!read more
Edward Anderson
Edward A.
17:08 06 Nov 21
My only place to visit to get quality products and great customer service. There was a young lady who assisted me today. I’m sorry that I don’t remember her name, but my experience was excellent. I enjoy visiting Jane Dispensary because of the great service and great products.read more
Megan Emily
Megan E.
23:16 04 Nov 21
Nice little shop & seems very customer-centered. Ashley was so cool, I love meeting people in the industry who love what they do. She recommended a couple good strains for me just starting out & I ended up getting a little sampler of gorilla pie, and then she sent me down the road to check out Emporium. What a good day!read more
20:25 18 Oct 21
Jane Dispensary is just one of my top 3 primary shopping stores. The environment is cool and relaxed. The team is friendly and educated about products, and the entire team makes sure I’m well informed when I make my purchases. Abigail is one of my favorite store employees, I really like her.read more
Kate Vidito
Kate V.
21:19 03 Oct 21
Lauren was very knowledgeable about the different products that Jane’s carried. She was also able to make suggestions as to what would be best for my diagnosis.Also Alvin who checked me in went above and beyond to be helpful and Leanne? at the front door was also friendly.read more
David Timm
David T.
18:45 26 Sep 21
Alvin was awesome. I knew what I wanted so it was a smooth transaction, in and out pretty quickly. He was very helpful and did answer some general questions I had.My husband and I really like this store because they have reasonable prices and they are close to our house.read more
Moriah Boyer
Moriah B.
18:30 16 Sep 21
Jess is remarkable! She was thorough and knowledgeable. Jess shared her opinions and made great recommendations. 10 out of 10, would recommend Jess!Thankful to everyone that helped and made my experience one I won't forget.read more
Elyse Carter
Elyse C.
18:36 09 Sep 21
My first visit to JANE was one for the books. I absolutely loved talking with Alvin while he helped me find the right medicine. Thank you so much, Alvin!The store was very clean, very modern, and super comfortable. I felt welcomed by the security guard, who opened the door as I walked in, and the person who checked me in (I’m so sorry I forgot your name!) was very helpful at getting me signed up for rewards. I’ll definitely be swinging by JANE again!read more
Robyn Mac
Robyn M.
23:29 25 Aug 21
From the 1st phone call to front door delivery! It was an awesome experience! Dylan was such a great help on the website and Dave was so nice, professional and helpful too, when my order was delivered! I hope you know how much this service is appreciated! And especially by someone like me! Thank you SO much! You all made my day!read more
Precious Gaham
Precious G.
23:05 24 Aug 21
Ryan was GREAT! He was patient with me. I have lots of questions. He was knowledgeable about the products but so were the other staff! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!LIFETIME MEMBER UP IN HERE HOMEY!!!read more
J Mo
J M.
21:51 14 Aug 21
Ryan is extremely knowledge and professional. By far the best experience I've had inside any Missouri dispensary. Highly recommended (pun intended)read more
Shawn I.
Shawn I.
20:09 11 Aug 21
Jessica was a great help with my order. She was knowledgeable about the products I had questions about. Her Homer Simson tattoo was pretty dope also! Thanks for the help.read more
Patty Howell
Patty H.
23:13 23 Jul 21
Great products & service. Austin went above & beyond to answer our questions & educate us on products we were new to. My favorite dispensary to date. Great prices & rewards too. 10 stars for Austin.read more
Alec Hoffman
Alec H.
00:33 22 Jul 21
I had a great experience at Jane. The dispensary has that upscale feel with all the down to earth features any mom or pop shop would offer. I wanted to give a shout out to Jessica and Alvin for all their help with answering questions and suggestions about products. Great job Jane team!read more
kyle schwent
kyle S.
18:19 09 Jul 21
This is the first Missouri dispensary I’ve been to, top notch. They laminated my freshly printed medical card for me, then Alvin went through the store menu with me including strains variations, deals on products and more.Conveniently located and great serviceread more
Mahdiah Atkins
Mahdiah A.
22:26 08 Jul 21
Sherman and Alvin are the truth. They will get you right and educate you on what is best for you without pushing any sales. I love JANE! They are consistent and reliable. My favorite dispensary in the area. Even security treats you like family.read more
Patty Howell
Patty H.
21:08 01 Jul 21
I was seen to and helped immediately on my 2 visits. The staff was very friendly & helpful, they could answer any questions I had. They were courteous & knowledgeable. It is a great dispensary experience. Alvin was my helper today. He was great.read more
Andrea Barnes
Andrea B.
22:01 30 Jun 21
This is a wonderful shop. Alvin was my customer service representative and he and I had some laughs together. However, Alvin was extremely professional. I enjoyed the other staff I interacted with but Alvin rocks.read more
Yolanda Hue
Yolanda H.
17:40 25 Jun 21
The staff was very welcoming from the minute I walked into the door. Let me know if I ever see something out of stock to call and ask bc they may have more come in. It happened to customer appreciation day if you spend over a certain amount you get a rebate/ coupon to use as cash within so many days. Over great experience for being my first visit.read more
21:08 23 Jun 21
I’m brand new to these products. Alvin took a lot of time, patience and care to make sure I got the right product for my condition. I really appreciated his help.read more
Abigail Herich
Abigail H.
01:04 15 Jun 21
Space was clean, professional, and safe. Ryan did a great job helping me understand my options for my specific needs. Best prices of any place in the area that I compared. Will be back!read more
00:43 13 Jun 21
Jane Dispensary is my primary shopping store. The environment is cool and relaxed. The team is friendly and educated about products, and Samuel makes sure I’m well informed when I make my purchases.read more
adam tullock
adam T.
23:04 11 Jun 21
Best dispensary in St. Louis hands down. Best buds, best prices, best happy hour, best employees. This is my go to dispensary. They got their reward program down now too. Seriously once you go to this dispensary you’ll never want to go to any other one again. Also was told to say my favorite employee to earn them a tip but I don’t do favorites. So if I answer all of them you have to technically give em all a tip. So my answer is all of emread more
Lavender Lizzy
Lavender L.
19:33 11 Jun 21
Alvin did an awesome job as always. He is super knowledgeable, very personable, and has a great personality! Keep it up!read more
Scott Allen
Scott A.
20:07 27 May 21
I get great service from friendly people every time I go in. Alvin was particularly helpful today, with in-depth knowledge of the strains and good recommendations on what I should try.The store itself is very well done, modern, clean and secure. Decent selection of strains and edibles.read more
Alexx Hampton
Alexx H.
23:07 17 May 21
The aesthetic of this place is amazing it’s like walking into a luxury spa. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful the guy who helped me was named Alvin and he was very patient with me answered all my questions (there were a lot it was my first time). I will be recommending this place to anyone who will listen!read more
tom manes
tom M.
21:42 17 May 21
My understanding of flower is out of date. Samuel really worked to show me the differences. He checked every item twice and had a very pleasant personality. I recommend this store 5 stars.read more
Rachael Buck
Rachael B.
16:46 17 May 21
Everyone was so nice and helpful. The place is beautiful. Jenna answered all my questions and had wonderful recommendations.read more
Edward Anderson
Edward A.
16:13 17 May 21
My most recent experience was with Abigail; the experience was great. Jane dispensary is the very first dispensary that I have visited. So far I have visited three times. And, honestly, I don’t see a need to visit any others. Great staff and pleasant surroundings. A big shout out to Sam and Lauren.read more
Mason Sander
Mason S.
16:02 17 May 21
Awesome atmosphere and customer service. Jenna was a knowledgeable and fun to work with bud tender. My experience at Jane was outstanding. Would highly recommend!read more
Danielle Taft
Danielle T.
03:36 11 May 21
Decided to stop here while in the city. Placed my order online and it was ready in minutes! All the staff are very nice and professional! But Dutchie was who took care of me. He is amazing! I could have talked to him about so many things. Very friendly and funny! If I'm ever in the city again, I will for sure stop in again!read more
adam tullock
adam T.
19:51 04 May 21
Best dispensary in St. Louis hands down. Best buds, best prices, best happy hour, best employees. This is my go to dispensary. They got their reward program down now too. Seriously once you go to this dispensary you’ll never want to go to any other one again.read more
Derek Martin
Derek M.
02:25 03 May 21
Friendly knowledgeable people here and alot of strands and selections, ask em about the flower hour sales! 🙌🏽 Alvin got me together great customer service!read more
adam tullock
adam T.
22:03 30 Apr 21
Best dispensary in St. Louis hands down. Best buds, best prices, best happy hour, best employees. This is my go to dispensary. I just wish they had some kind of reward program cause I spend a lot of money here.read more
rebecca davis
rebecca D.
20:03 21 Apr 21
Ryan S. A very professional and knowledgeable Budtender took great care of my husband and I. We just loved the atmosphere and personal feel we had while visiting Jane ❤ great place prices were normal but the bud is o so pretty!read more
Lauren Talavera
Lauren T.
02:14 21 Apr 21
Great atmosphere, great employees! Staff seemed very knowledgeable and provided such a great experience for a first timer. Will definitely be going back.read more
Luke Jaster
Luke J.
22:15 20 Apr 21
Beautiful set-up in the store, convenient location, and the staff was very helpful in providing an excellent experience. Will definitely return again.read more
Sergei Siebel
Sergei S.
22:11 20 Apr 21
Very hardworking staff, could tell that it was the first day and there will be room for growth but everyone seemed very eager to help and the feel of the storefront was very lux and not at all seedy or like a dmvread more
Cory Hunter
Cory H.
16:40 20 Apr 21
Staff felt undertrained/ underprepared for basic functions of their job. Seemed confused at intake and P.O.S.(Point of Sale). Owners seemed more concerned with the aesthetic than with interacting with the customer base or acquiring feedback. Most likely will not returnread more
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