Missouri Health & Wellness Dispensary In Sedalia

1801 S Limit Ave
Sedalia, MO 65301

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 10 – 7
Sunday: 10 – 5

Payment Methods:

Cash & Debit Only

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Missouri Health & Wellness Dispensary in Sedalia located at 1801 S Limit Ave is now open to help MO marijuana card holders get access and shop for medical marijuana products.

Missouri Health & Wellness menu products are available for MMJ Patients near Sedalia diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Missouri Health & Wellness Dispensary - Sedalia

What People Are Saying

Melissa Jennings
Melissa J.
20:38 15 Nov 21
Love this dispensary! Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. They offer low income and Veteran discounts. And have quite a few different products!read more
Tara Park
Tara P.
22:15 09 Nov 21
The only thing I can complain about is that us patients haven't already demanded better affordable prices.I love this place and the people who run and work in it.This is my pharmacy.I get treated like a patient as well as a friend.(It means a lot to this sick lady/wife/mom/business owner.)read more
Nicolette Verhague
Nicolette V.
17:10 24 Oct 21
My salesperson was super friendly and helpful. I recommend strongly. Great Experience
Geeky Goods
Geeky G.
21:32 15 Oct 21
Excellent staff. Everyone seems very knowledgeable. Everyone is super nice 🖤💛❤️💚
lonny fields
lonny F.
20:45 12 Oct 21
Very friendly, and very clean shop . I really enjoy the atmosphere there
Eric Dale
Eric D.
11:32 12 Oct 21
I love this store, it's so clean and the staff are friendly really nice people, I enjoy visiting the store unfortunately the pricing is little steep, I wish you guys had some smaller quantities of Illicit like your competition across town.read more
Carolyn Johnson
Carolyn J.
04:42 29 Sep 21
Quick in and out if u want. But the employees are very knowledgeable and avid MJ users so the advice is first hand.
Nina Petersen
Nina P.
02:57 03 Sep 21
Excellent staff and professionalism. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend
Is Jones
Is J.
16:21 27 Aug 21
Definitely an uplifting atmosphere with well informed employees. They always look out and treat patients close to the home front of family. Quality products and nice prices. Missouri health and wellness is the spot to go to for your healing! One love and be upfullread more
James Thorne
James T.
17:19 21 Aug 21
I love coming here. The staff members are very knowledgeable about their products, and are always glad and willing to share their experiences.read more
Roxy N
Roxy N
13:26 25 Jul 21
The menu may not be big but they definitely get different things in all the time and the people are very nice!
Jordan Raffurty
Jordan R.
19:16 04 Jun 21
Great customer service, an awesome products. My favorite dispensary in Sedalia and my number one dispensary on my way to the lake. Competitive prices, and fire buds.read more
Debbie Linde
Debbie L.
16:42 30 Apr 21
Very helpful and friendly staff. Atmosphere is relaxed. Clients are nice -for the most part-there always has to be that one right? Staff is knowledgeable. Definitely recommend. Only wish they had chocolate.read more
Riley Shelton
Riley S.
22:07 20 Apr 21
Love coming here! Jake is always super helpful and is super knowledgeable about the products. They usually have several different strains in stock and always have edibles. Should definitely stop in and check it out!read more
Jevon Burke
Jevon B.
06:49 18 Apr 21
So far everytime I been here it was nothing but positive. In and out,good quality,and knowledgeable staff. Tray was my tender,very nice and knowledgeable. I like when a business talks to you like they know you. Creates a personal feel,good job!read more
brian pettis
brian P.
02:23 18 Apr 21
I have never had a bad experience here. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I have had particularly good experiences with Jake and Dylan. Keep up the good work!read more
Glenda Frisch
Glenda F.
12:57 24 Mar 21
For newcomers staff very helpful. Center very clean, well organized. Will be going back. Highly recommend.
Ronald Green
Ronald G.
22:21 14 Mar 21
This is my type of place to visit the staff is very nice and it very clean and friendly they will help you if you ask questions about any of the products.I will be making another trip there this week.😊😊😊read more
22:35 04 Mar 21
Fast, easy, close to home. Friendly. Knowledgeable about products that are there & one that aren't there yet. Kind, patient, helpful. Small parking lot, but never have an issue for my handicap parking. Growing in different products & merchandise. Takes debit card w/ small fee. Cash otherwise.read more
Andy Armstrong
Andy A.
20:11 03 Mar 21
Very short wait to be buzzed in to the budtender. As far as products it will take time to get a better selection, not enough growers online yet. A pre-roll runs $20 which is horrible. They carry gummies and drinks also plus smoking accessories. Budtenders are knowledgeable and very pleasant, I enjoy our chats. Sorry I don't have photos but it's not good etiquette in dispensaries.read more
Ronda Banion
Ronda B.
21:52 01 Mar 21
Everyone was very friendly and helped me with all my questions! Great atmosphere and great people! Thank you!! 😊
Good Citizen
Good C.
20:21 26 Feb 21
Pricey. Don't pay any attention to their website regarding THC % or even pricing. Flower has also been extremely dry.I know the pricing is not their fault. I did not include it in my rating. The rating was for the inconsistency on website and quality of product.read more
Crypto bean
Crypto B.
01:32 26 Feb 21
Honestly one of the best places to get flower. Especially since its legal, before I even came to the store ive heard nothing but good things, infact even great things about the staff. When I walked in I was greated nicely and my information was taken quickly so I could get the back and purchase. When I got to the back I was greated again very nicely by the cashiers. Pleasant short conversation about my needs in the medicine and pointed in the right direction to what I should take. I never once thought I was trying to be upsold or anything of that nature. I got my product and couldn't have been happier. I made a legal purchase and got out and had a great day from the full experience. No one was rude, no one was disrespectful, infact im impressed how everyone handled themselves. Great place, dont think ill go any where else. Sorry for the long review, just felt it was deserved.read more
john washausen
john W.
01:07 26 Feb 21
Knowledgeable staff, and super friendly to new customers knowing very little about their choices and options. glad to see places like this finally in Missouri.read more
Matt Collins
Matt C.
00:14 20 Feb 21
Excellent atmosphere! Very clean and well put together. Staff is really helpful and easy to talk to. They make you're visit easy and stress free and are quick to offer their opinions if asked. Great placeread more
Yo Mama
Yo M.
22:12 16 Feb 21
POSITIVES:#1 thank God we finally have legal pot!#2 Nice, clean, spacious, inside#3 Friendly staff, kind, eager to help, knowledgeable#4 Usually No Waiting, In & out very quicklyNEGATIVES:#1 significantly higher prices!#2 both flower & prerolls are dry AF & it's 50/50 chance a preroll will have Several stems in it#3 about 8/10 of the strains I have tried from here have Really Tiny buds*Compared to other states & "street weed" the products at MH&W are sub parAverage THC in any product = 12%-15%**I have tried (& continue to sample) All the strains of flower, preroll, edibles & drinks they've offered so far & My Opinion=Not impressed, there's nothing remarkable to see or purchase here.But they are just getting started & I hope to see better quality, more selection & lower prices or discounts at least, on low thc% and older, expired products in the near futureExample: X amount of flower with 11% thcShould Not cost as much for the same amount of flower with 20%thcAlso, my loyalty points, what good are they? When?read more
05:40 25 Jan 21
Very knowledgeable staff and extremely helpful! Helped me print and laminate my card which is a nice bonus. Although I will say I’m not very pleased with the quality of the current brand you carry. In my opinion it’s too dry and both of the products don’t have a great taste on inhale. Any chance you’ll get some other brands or is the current one all we have?read more
Dylan Keele
Dylan K.
03:29 22 Jan 21
Best place to go for reliable product information and quality product. Definitely a professional establishment.
Sheila Handke
Sheila H.
23:07 20 Jan 21
Finally...able to legally purchase natural medical marijuana.Very helpful company ☺
Susan Fizer
Susan F.
22:09 15 Jan 21
Very nice place. The staff is very friendly and fast service.
Kristin Cochran
Kristin C.
04:36 14 Jan 21
The staff is very friendly and professional. They have a great selection of product!
Jake Smith
Jake S.
17:45 12 Jan 21
Very nice and clean inside, the customer service is worth traveling for!
Kayla Brown
Kayla B.
23:21 09 Jan 21
Very Friendly, Knowledgeable and Very Helpful Staff. For a New Dispensary, they have a great selection. And prices are more than fair!read more
Willy Wise
Willy W.
03:13 31 Dec 20
The staff here is so friendly and the product is just as expected 😎 I will definitely be back!
Brian Lehman (Bron)
Brian Lehman (.
17:17 26 Dec 20
Price is way to high.
David Harper
David H.
01:36 23 Dec 20
A very beautiful store and a very friendly and informative staff.
Madison Demand
Madison D.
22:48 21 Dec 20
Such a great place and the employees are so helpful! Hayley and her staff are absolutely amazing!
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