5 comments on “Missouri Cannabis Dr Clinics

  1. Great site.!
    My first visit since the great state on MO, passed house Bill #1554.!!!!!
    Yup Medical Weed Is legal.. !!
    I believe we as humanity, have great days to come.!!

  2. Dec 6th Amendment 2 takes effect, and you are able to be seen by a doctor.

    June 6: licence application available.
    “The amendment gives the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services a 180-day deadline.”

    July 6: The State of Missouri must be ready to accept applications.

  3. My pain level is very great. Surgery is no option for me. Very evasive surgery. The pain relief offered my cannibas will help me live my life better.

  4. My Dr. wanted me on medicinal marijuana several years cause I’m at highest level pain meds now and they aren’t working to control pain from my spinal disease, spinal lesions and other conditions. I am grateful that now I hopefully will get some relief and get part of my life back!!!

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