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State certified doctor’s are helping patients by educating, evaluating, and if you qualify, get a medical marijuana card. These are available for Missouri residents with a listed qualifying condition, or any debilitating medical condition the doctor determines fit. 

Appointments with a Missouri marijuana doctor can be done online over your phone or computer using telemedicine, or in person at a clinic. After getting certified, find the best local dispensaries to shop for medical grade THC and CBD cannabis products. See if you qualify today!

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Missouri Marijuana Doctor Q&A

Doctors in Missouri are not permitted to prescribe medical marijuana. All prescription medications must be approved by the USFDA. 

However, Missouri medical marijuana doctors are permitted to recommend patients for access to Missouri dispensaries.

In order to renew a Missouri medical marijuana card, the patient must make a follow-up appointment with their doctor. Once approved, the patient can log in to the Complia portal and renew their card. 

The window for submitting a patient or caregiver renewal is 60 days prior to, and no less than 30 days before, the expiration date. Patients will receive a notification 60, 45, 30, and 15 days prior to the expiration of their card. Patients will continue to receive automatic reminder emails until their application every 15 days is approved or denied. 

If a patient applies for renewal after the 30-day window their card could expire before the new card is approved. This would leave the patient without legal protection for possession of marijuana. 

If corrections are needed, the application will be rejected. The patient will then have an opportunity to make the necessary corrections and resubmit a completed application within ten calendar days.

Medical marijuana card evaluations may be done using telemedicine services (audio/video conference) from the comfort of the patient’s home. 

For telemedicine appointments, the healthcare provider will email a form to the patient. Patients must complete the form and also provide a copy of their medical records. 

1st time appointments generally cost between $125 and $175. Renewals range between $100 to $150.

Yes. Patients may designate a caregiver to purchase and administer their medicine. Caregivers may also be authorized to grow medical marijuana in Missouri for their clients.

  • Caregivers in the state of Missouri must be 21 or older and must be registered with the Department of Health. 
  • The caregiver must be designated on the qualifying patient’s application. 
  • Each qualifying patient may have two caregivers at any given time. 
  • Each caregiver may serve up to three patients. 
  • For qualifying patients under the age of 18, either a parent or legal guardian must act as the patient’s caregiver.

Designated caregivers of qualifying patients will need to fill out a Patient Authorization Form

Physicians must be licensed to practice medicine in the state of Missouri as an MD or osteopath in order to be certified to recommend medical marijuana to their patients.

The correct dosage of medical marijuana products can vary greatly depending on the patient’s medical condition. The patient’s directed dosage, proper cannabinoid make up, and intake schedule should be determined by their medical marijuana doctor.

Missouri medical marijuana patients and their registered caregivers are permitted to buy up to four ounces of cannabis from Missouri dispensaries within a 30-day period. The approval of two independent physicians is mandatory if the patient requires more than four ounces.

5 Steps to Regulated cannabis in Missouri

1. You must be a resident of the Missouri to get a medical card.
2. You must have one of the Qualifying conditions listed by the DHSS or a different debilitating condition that a doctor sees fit that medical cannabis could help.
3. Visit a Missouri Marijuana Doctor Clinic near you or online and have your medical records ready. You can fill out the patient registration form and get started towards a virtual consultation.
4. If approved by the doctor, you then register with the Missouri DHSS to get your medcard.
5. You are now able to legally buy THC and cannabis based CBD products at local dispensaries.
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For Missouri residents, we make it easy to connect with a certified recommending doctor to get or renew your Medical Marijuana Card. 

To get started, simply fill out the patient registration form below, press submit, and your on your way to a MedCard telemedicine doctors appointment online. See if you qualify today!

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