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  1. My doctors agree I should get marijuana but they won’t give me a referl I live in joplin Missouri. I need a doctor to help me how and where do I find a doctor.

  2. Just moved to independence MO. Been procrastinating finding a doctor til medical marijuana doctors are near me id hate to hv to switch any suggestions on mental health doc that our on board or will be soon i can get started with.

  3. Just COMPLETLY legalize it in the whole country and get it over with already!!
    ost of the people that use it dont have medical issues so just completely legalize it!!

  4. I hope that you are able to help us, we have sleep or felt good in so long. This would be a blessing from God if we could

  5. What about out of state cards? Does anyone know if that will be accepted in Missouri if your licensed in a different state such as Oregon?

    • probably not. missouri is out for your money & money from Gov. to line the states pockets for as long as is possible. collect your hard earned cash and warehouse all the people they can.
      just another faucet of a corrupt judicial system!

  6. Feeling same; from reading, seems it takes that long for the bureaucracy — do not know yet if all doctors will be able to certify or just ones with special training. Do not know yet if doctor just says yes, you have condition, or if doctor has to approve and recommend MJ specifically. (A lot of us do not know our current doctors’ position on this. Will they give us a hard time?)

    Some states have doctors who set up and advertise just for this purpose. Do not know if MO will be like that or not.

    Applications not being taken until June and doctor’s certification that we send with onllne app has to be within 30 days, no older, so it looks like plan on having your doctor sign what they need in May of 2019. Fee to be $25 first yr — do not know after. Growers and dispensaries will have yearly license fees, too.

    From what I read, also will take time to certify growers — medical grade MJ must be checked and approved — dispensary owners must apply for licenses, set up and be approved by state, as well .Looks like actual applications (for all of us — growers, dispensaries and patients) don’t start till June. Hopefully by next FALL (9 months??) will be able to buy?

    I know; it does seem, considering the need and the wait Missourians had while other states have been approved for years, that the state gov. might try to hurry it up, but that’s rarely how the gov. works, we know. But we still need to find out —

    1. Will there be special doctors for this or do we just get from doctors seeing now?
    2. Does doctor have to agree with it in policy and recommend — or just certify that patient has condition? (What if doctor against MJ, politically?) Does doctor make ultimate decision or state, with doctor’s note?
    3. After we turn in online app, fee, and doctor’s certification in June — how long after that?
    4. Will there be dispensaries advertising, or are we notified from state where they are?

    So I’ve found out some by researching tonight, but 4 questions above are what I’ll still be looking to find out during Dec., if possible.

    Thank God we finally have this as an option. Will be checking back on this and other pages….

  7. Rite but no access to MmJ cards till summer , and where Drs are at who knows . Hoping mine can write certificate for it , my drawer are aware of my choice however I have also heard tese certification letters may have to come from department of senior and social services as well as MmJ cards . Hurry up and wait while the sick get sicker .

  8. I’m about too sell all I own and move out if Mo. Ppl are Suffering . I am an MMJ Advocate and Chronic pain Support Group leader , and now six more months but legal on Dec 6 . You all hearing this . Ya research my friends Mo won’t even be ready to give you cards or dispensary up till late summer and fall.

  9. Why do we have to wait six months to get our cards in Mo for mmj . We have waited years already .. Ppl are Suffering can’t Mo move faster to get us OUR cards , certifation letters . What’s the law with growing our own six plants at home BEGINNING Dec 6 the ? Our Drs are very much aware of almost all Mo patients needing those done asap. What Mo .. You tell us patients that we’ve waited all this time now we still have too wait .. really .. bs

  10. Im reading a lot saying as of December 6 legal in Mo for patients , however cards are not even available untill June or July , or Certification letters to take to your Drs by senior and social services. Would someone please Explain why it’s legal Dec 6 but we still have too suffer another six months .

  11. Please help I’m in so much pain.I can’t wait until i get my card.So I won’t be hurting.Amen thank you my Lord.

  12. I take so many pills for pain, sleeplessness, depression, nervousness, etc. etc. etc. all these things I will be able to treat with one medication that I know plenty about!!! I quit smoking at age 23 because of my son And the legality of it. but now since our beautiful state of Missouri has finally stepped up to get out of the stone ages with ridiculous uneducated, believes and old school thinking, reefer madness we can all enjoy God‘s beautiful gift to the world! I can’t wait for December 9th. I can finally stop taking all these pills that “make me better” and then the pills to treat the side effects for the pills that make me better!! and finally just feel better!!

  13. I have Interstitial Cystitis , pain compared too those with severe cancer… My 17 yr old son has autism and tourettes disorder , I need help please . All our Drs are aware I’m an advocate for MmJ

  14. What kinds of Drs can give you the certifation to protect you by the law Dec 6 when it goes into effect ? Can we get certified through our primary Drs , or does it have to be our Specialists , or a specific Dr just for MmJ .My condition is severe , chronic , no cure . Please help

  15. My Dr. wanted me on medicinal marijuana several years cause I’m at highest level pain meds now and they aren’t working to control pain from my spinal disease, spinal lesions and other conditions. I am grateful that now I hopefully will get some relief and get part of my life back!!!

  16. My pain level is very great. Surgery is no option for me. Very evasive surgery. The pain relief offered my cannibas will help me live my life better.

  17. Dec 6th Amendment 2 takes effect, and you are able to be seen by a doctor.

    June 6: licence application available.
    “The amendment gives the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services a 180-day deadline.”

    July 6: The State of Missouri must be ready to accept applications.

  18. Great site.!
    My first visit since the great state on MO, passed house Bill #1554.!!!!!
    Yup Medical Weed Is legal.. !!
    I believe we as humanity, have great days to come.!!

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