9 comments on “Missouri Medical Marijuana Card/Qualifying Conditions

  1. Fantastic”!!!Finally the majority of the people see the true benefits of medical marijuana..Im sure as time goes on even more groundbreaking medical breakthroughs will be revealed….

  2. i cant express how much this means to me to see medical being passed in missouri! ive lived with PTSD and a number of other issues from a young age. seeing this makes me less afraid to approach a doctor and seekiing treatment. im literally crying…
    Within the past year i have stopped taking my pills bc i realized they werent defeating the demons that haunt my mental state. Within the last couple years iive barely left my home or even set foot in a store. Ive lost so many friends bc i cant control my issues….to see that i could possibly seek help from a natural promising medicine is enlightening. I wish this would have come soon and maybe i wouldnt have wasted so much time. I cant express how heavy i feel right now but at the same time how light my heart feels as well.
    With each tear that falls im starting to see a new light at the end of the tunnel and this time its getting closer. Heres to one day being able to go out in public without feeling uncomfortably numb or completely a mess in my mind.
    Thank you missouri for you have finally given me a alternative that may help change my life.

  3. I am so happy to hear this news. Since 94 I have suffered from a herniated disk in my back and I also have the hereditary degenerative bone disease that so many in my family have now. Most doctors in my area doesn’t prescribe pain medicine because there are so many that abuse “pills” around here. It’s pathetic. The ones that doesn’t and never have abused medicine can’t get any relief (that would be me) because of the overdoses and abuse of meds. The only relief I can get is when I smoke. I don’t like the taste or the smell of it but, I like the effects. I don’t smoke to get high I smoke to feel better. There’s been many days where I can’t hardly walk because of my back issues, I can smoke marijuana and afterwards walk with no pain and even bend over and touch my toes. I feel like a “slinky” if I had to describe the feeling. It feels so good to get a much needed break from my pain. Like many others I have suffered for so long. Thank you MO. Relief is on the way. Thank you Jesus <3

  4. Since we are all not exact copies of one another, not all of us can take opiates of any kind without severe health and mental side effects… like me. We were getting ready to have to move out of state to another state that offered the help I legally needed, but it would have destroyed my son’s new career here. So, Thank You, Missouri for all you are doing in order to help those of us who have needed this for so long. A life in pain is no life at all.

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