MO MMJ Sales Pass 50 Million

Missouri Medical Marijuana Sales Surpass $50 Million

  • $50M worth of marijuana has been sold at medical marijuana dispensaries in Missouri.
  • More than 100,000 Missouri medical marijuana cards have been passed out so far and there are more than 100 medical marijuana dispensaries in Missouri.
  • State lawmakers are now looking at the possibility of legalizing adult recreational use of marijuana.

Since voters decided to legalize medical marijuana in Missouri more than two years ago, the program has come a long, long way. Missouri dispensaries didn’t start opening their doors to patients with medical marijuana cards until Fall, 2020. And at that time the only product available for purchase was cannabis flower. Since then, the state has added cannabis concentrates (oils, wax, hash, and live rosin) and marijuana edibles (marijuana-infused chocolate bars, beverages, and gummies) to dispensary menus. And, as a result, sales are booming!

Missouri has now passed out a whopping 100,000-plus medical marijuana cards. Sales are so brisk, according to the Missouri DHSS, that the Missouri cannabis industry is fast approaching the $50 million mark. Sales dipped slightly in late May but still surpassed $3 million. That’s the second week in a row. And, it was the third week in the past five to top $3 million in sales. It was also the tenth straight week with more than $2 million in medical marijuana sales.

In the weeks after topping the $2 million mark, cumulative sales soared from $22,211,149 to $35,679,927. Sales climbed to over $3.3 million the week of 4/20 beating the previous one-week record of $2.7 million set just two weeks prior by 21 percent. Cannabiz analysts expect Missouri to break the $100 million mark in 2021, it’s first year of operations.

Will Missouri legalize adult recreational use of marijuana?

Medical marijuana sales are brisk in Missouri. Should the state decided to legalize the adult recreational use of marijuana, sales would likely skyrocket. But will it happen?

Lawmakers in the state are currently hammering out the details of Bill HJR 30, the Smarter and Safer Missouri Act. If passed, the legislation would create a recreational marijuana industry in Missouri and establish a tax rate of 12 percent.

Missouri Legalization of Marijuana in 2022

The proposal has a twist. Unlike other states where cannabis licenses are doled out by a cannabis regulatory board, in Missouri, no special licensing would be required “beyond that which is applicable for the cultivating, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, packaging, distributing, transferring, displaying, or possession of any nontoxic food or food product.” The amendment would also allow individuals to cultivate their own cannabis for medical or personal use.

The proposal (which is just one of several) must first be approved by both the Senate and the House before it can appear on the November 2022 ballot.

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How To Get a Missouri Medical Marijuana Card

The begin the process of getting a Missouri medical marijuana card, patients suffering from any of the qualifying medical conditions must be approved by a state-certified medical marijuana doctor. The physician and staff will provide the patient with the documentation they need to register with the state in order to receive their medical marijuana card and have access to dispensaries in Missouri. 

Click here for more details on how to get a medical marijuana card in Missouri.

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