New Hampshire Senate Considering Recreational Cannabis Legalization Bill

Lawmakers in New Hampshire are continuing to work on a new piece of legislation that could legalize recreational weed.

Earlier this month, the bill cleared the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Now, it’s working its way through the Senate.

Most recently, the bill moved to the state’s Senate Judiciary Committee. That group is now considering whether or not to continue advancing the bill.

Will New Hampshire Legalize Recreational Cannabis?

The bill currently being looked at by the Senate Judiciary Committee would introduce a number of big changes to New Hampshire’s cannabis laws.

Most immediately, it would make it legal for adults to possess and consume cannabis for recreational purposes.

More specifically, it would be legal for adults 21 and up to possess up to an ounce of weed. Similarly, adults would be allowed to possess up to five grams of hash or concentrates.

Additionally, the bill would let adults grow their own weed at home. If it passes into law, adults could start growing up to six plants at a time.

And finally, the bill would also pave the way for a full scale retail system in the state. This would include infrastructure for regulating and monitoring the legal cannabis

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