NYC 4/20 Party Busted Over Social Distancing Rules

A 4/20 party in New York City was shut down on Monday by police, who issued dozens of citations to revelers celebrating the cannabis community’s high holiday. Officers were tipped off to the party on the third floor of a Manhattan commercial building by a concerned citizen, a senior NYPD official told NBC News.

After being flagged down by the citizen, officers investigated the report because of a statewide order that bans large gatherings and requires New Yorkers to maintain social distancing protocols. After entering the building and reaching the third floor, police discovered approximately 40 people, who had reportedly gathered for a 4/20 party hosted by cannabis edibles company Ganja Pigs. Police also found a duffel bag that contained marijuana flower, as well as cannabis edibles, other THC products, and paraphernalia. Attempts to reach Ganja Pigs for comment via social media have not yet been successful.

Police officers issued summonses to appear in court to a total of 38 people. Five more citations for charges related to cannabis were given to partygoers. Two of the people at the party were taken into custody for existing warrants for failure to appear in court in relation to non-violent offenses. Another was

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