OCPD: OKC Dispensary Owner Shoots Armed Robbery Suspect – News On 6

A metro dispensary owner fought back Tuesday in an attempted armed robbery, police said.

According to Oklahoma City police, a robbery suspect was armed with knives, started making demands and smashing cases.

At last check, the man was hospitalized at OU Health in critical condition. Police and eyewitnesses said this crime is becoming all too common.

“They have a product that a lot of people want,” said Al Jenkins who lives nearby.        

“They’re a cash only businesses and they have a few things that criminals want. Something that’s untraceable like marijuana and then cash,” said Oklahoma City Police Lieutenant Isaac Goodman.        

Jenkins lives near the dispensary at Northwest 23rd and Villa. After hearing a commotion, he went to investigate.

“I just couldn’t understand why an alarm on the building would go on in the day,” said Jenkins.

He said police responded immediately.

“I heard a screech, a tire screech. I didn’t know what it was until I came around the corner and it was police officers showing up on the scene,” said Jenkins.        

According to police, the armed suspect stormed in and began making demands.

“An armed subject came inside and started breaking display cases. He was armed with two knives threatening the owners inside

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