Ohio Attorney General Rejects Marijuana Legalization Proposal Language

The effort to get a constitutional amendment legalizing recreational marijuana for adults on Ohio’s ballot this year hit a snag on Tuesday, with the state’s Republican attorney general rejecting the summary language proposed by the group backing the measure.

Dave Yost, who became AG last year, wrote to advocates pushing the amendment that he was “unable to certify the summary as a fair and truthful representation of the proposed amendment.” In particular, Yost singled out one section that “lists several findings and declarations that the amendment proposes to be made by ‘the people of the state of Ohio’.”

“The summary makes no mention of these findings and declarations,” Yost wrote in a letter. “Thus, it completely fails to inform a potential signer that the amendment elevates these ‘findings and declarations’ to a constitutional standard.”

The letter was addressed to Don McTigue, an attorney representing Tom Haren, an Ohio attorney, and Mike Hartley, a Republican consultant in the state capital of Columbus, both of whom are the chief architects of the proposed amendment.

The advocates filed petitions with Yost’s office last month to get the ball rolling with the ballot process. They have about four months, until the deadline of July

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