PA Lawmaker Introduces Marijuana Legalization Bill to House of Representatives

Cannabis legalization in Pennsylvania has both enjoyed the support of the governor and been subject to the reluctance of the state’s Republican legislators. On Tuesday, another push to regulate the drug was initiated when Rep. Jake Wheatley introduced House Bill 2050. 

Wheatley has proposed cannabis legalization in the past, including last year’s unsuccessful HB 50. Since then, the state’s lieutenant governor has embarked on a cannabis listening tour, and the governor has underlined his support for recreational marijuana legislation. 

“We open up the opportunity for smaller entrepreneurs to get into that market,” said Wheatley in a press release. “We believe the full answer is to have a regulated legal market for adult use and we believe the time has certainly come, and passed, really, for us to engage in a conversation here in the Capitol for this critical topic.”​

Such plans have met pushback from Pennsylvania’s Republican leadership, including House Health Committee chairperson Rep. Kathy Rapp. She has stated that she will not advance any cannabis legalization bills out of her committee. 

Last year, a legislative proposal to legalize recreational marijuana was introduced in the Senate, a month after Governor Tom Wolf urged legislators to propose cannabis legalization. SB 350,

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