Recreational marijuana: Smacked, 2nd legal weed dispensary in New York, opens in Greenwich Village – WABC-TV

GREENWICH VILLAGE, Manhattan (WABC) — New York State’s second legal marijuana shop opened is now open for business.

The store on Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village is called Smacked.

It opened its doors to the public Tuesday morning after hosting a ceremonial first sale event on Monday.

Smacked is the first legal dispensary opening in New York State that is owned by someone with a previous marijuana conviction.

Roland Conner previously served time on marijuana charges. Now he’s turning that injustice into a business plan.

New York is prioritizing the handing out of dispensary licenses to people with past marijuana convictions.

“I want to thank everybody for coming out and celebrating me celebrating this,” Conner told a kickoff gathering Monday morning. “I’m truly honored for everything, for all the support. You know, this is a process. New York is doing something amazing.”

Earlier this month, the thrift shop Housing Works was the first to open a licensed dispensary in New York State.

It is also located in Greenwich Village, about a 10-minute walk from Smacked.

A spokesperson for the state’s Office of Cannabis Management says the agency is going to open up about 36 more shops in the coming weeks.

The locations are strategic, located away from schools and not

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