Seed Stories: How Purple Paonia Paralyzer Took Root in Colorado

CANNABIS CULTURE – In 1971, I owned the Cotangent, a small fashion-clothing store on the hill in Boulder, Colorado. That year, I traveled to Europe with my wife Rosie, our young son, Mikel-Jon, and Marina, a Dutch Indonesian woman who accompanied us as a nanny. We entered Holland with a brand-new Volkswagen bus and 30,000 hits of Orange Sunshine acid I planned to sell to the locals. I was also looking for items for my store, and high quality cannabis seeds to smuggle back home. Back then, despite being illegal, pot could be found nearly everywhere in the U.S. Some of it was good, but most of it was smuggled in from Mexico. Those of us involved in meeting the expanding demand for pot were always on the lookout for a better product.

Since the late ’60s, a trickle of hashish, the potent cannabis resin, had begun to show up in places like Boulder, Colorado. It was prized and celebrated when it arrived from places like Nepal, Lebanon, and especially Afghanistan, where hashish had been cultivated for centuries.

Illegal growing operations had begun to flourish in remote rural places around the nation, and as any gardener or farmer will tell you, the

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