South Dakota Supreme Court to Hear Recreational Cannabis Case this Month

South Dakota has been in the headlines for both good and bad reasons since they legalized cannabis with a ballot measure during the last election cycle. While they did manage to legalize, anti-cannabis forces immediately sued over this decision. Now, the case comes before the South Dakota Supreme Court

Amendment A, which legalized adult-use cannabis and set up a regulated market, and Measure 26, which legalized medical cannabis, both became legal last year, however the recreational part of the measure has still not been able to move forward. While the state’s residents approved medical cannabis at a 70 percent margin, Amendment A was approved at a much smaller margin of 54 percent.

For a brief time, the state rejoiced about the new laws, but that excitement was crushed pretty quickly. Following the election, South Dakota Highway Patrol Superintendent Col. Rick Miller and Pennington County Sheriff Kevin Thom sued to block the amendment on a technicality. They claim that the measure violates the constitution by trying to set up a framework for legalization and also legalizing, rolling two things into one.

Even worse, Republican Gov. Kristi Noem, who is conservative when it comes to cannabis, came out in support of the suit, claiming she

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