State Awarding More New Dispensary Licenses This Week – At Least One Coming to West Central IL – WLDS-WEAI News

The State of Illinois is set to award 55 new adult use cannabis dispensary licenses this week, and one could possibly be coming to West Central Illinois.

The Illinois General Assembly passed a trailer bill to its landmark cannabis legislation bill this past Spring to correct ways the state fell short in awarding the licenses that represented equity.

Executive Director of the Cannabis Business Association of Illinois Pamela Althoff says that local governments in the area need to publicize that they want a cannabis business in their community: “The Cannabis Business Association has developed a website page, which is visited by people interested in the industry or applicants that have applied to be included in these lotteries, of cannabis-friendly communities. I certainly would hope that [the] area has contacted us and their information is on that webpage. If not, they should do that because, we send our members as well as our potential members to this website and say ‘If you are looking for a location’ and dispensary entities have not had to designate an area, so they are still going to be looking for

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