Stocking up on the Best Strains Before April 2020

No one quite knows why 420 is the stoner’s number. Some say that 420 was the police code for marijuana possession; others claim it is in celebration of Bob Dylan, Bob Marley or even Adolph Hitler (seriously). But the most credible story comes from Northern California, where a group of high school friends met every evening at 4:20 P.M. to smoke weed.

Regardless, 420 is for blazing, and this year, marijuana enthusiasts everywhere are preparing to rejoice for a full month: April 2020, or 4/20. Believe it or not, this once-in-a-lifetime pot holiday is barely a month away, which means you need to start stocking up on the best weed strains. Fortunately, we can help by pointing out exactly what you need to buy for the most legendary month of marijuana anyone has ever seen.

Disclaimer: Most weed enthusiasts know that indica and sativa don’t accurately explain a strain’s effects; more often, growers use these terms to describe growing styles. Still, when you visit a dispensary, you are likely to see strains classified by indica/sativa/hybrid, so that’s how we organised our list of the most popular strains for the most legendary weed holiday.

Sativa Strains

Sativas are tall, thin-leafed

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