Vermont Considers Expanding Cannabis Expungements

In Vermont, the House and Senate are working on legislation that would create a legal marketplace for cannabis in the New England state. They are now considering adding further expunging of cannabis convictions to the legalization package.

Both legislative bodies currently support such a measure and are looking for a way to clear records for offenders who only had two ounces of cannabis or more in their possession. At the same time, they would be decriminalizing up to two ounces, since possession of more than one ounce is still illegal.

“Criminal records are a barrier to employment, serving in the military, student loans, housing, and it’s very important to help folks with these criminal records get justice and clean their records,”  said Rep. Maxine Grad, D-Moretown, who heads up the House Judiciary Committee. She hopes to move forward with this proposal to help those who have been dealing with prior convictions, particularly people of color who have been especially impacted by the drug war.

“I am totally supportive of making sure that the people who were charged for crimes that are no longer crimes get some sort of justice,” added House Speaker Mitzi Johnson, D-South Hero.

“We’ve gotten a lot

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